Keep your furniture looking newer for longer and enjoy all those everlasting memories in complete comfort. Protect your furniture for up to 5 years with Guardsman and Furniture Fetish!


Guardsman Care Packages



Like all great things it is inevitable that accidental damages can affect the look of your furniture. Thats why Furniture Fetish and Guardsman have teamed up to offer you peace of mind with your new furniture purchase. By purchasing the Guardsmen-Shield Protection range it is essential as it protects your furniture giving you up to five years cover against a wide variety of accidental damages. With the right care package you can give your family the freedom to enjoy your new furniture all those memories without leaving nasty marks.


How Does it Work?

The Guardsman-Shield protection range helps to protect your furniture against common oil and water-based spills. By applying the correct Guardsman-Shield care package at time of purchase, you can be sure your new furniture is treated prior to its first use. This treatment immediately helps to make the removal of stains, soiling and dirty marks easy and worry free.


Care Packages Explained

If you have purchased from Furniture Fetish you know that not only do we sell premium quality products at the best possible prices but we also care about our customers and their lasting experiences. That is why we have teamed up with the professionals at Guardsman - Excellence in Furniture Care since 1915 to help you care for your furniture the best possible way. 





5 year product warranty protection against all stains & accidental damage for fabric furniture. 5 year product warranty protection against all stains & accidental damage for leather furniture 5 year product warranty protection against all stains & accidental damage for outdoor furniture

Kit Includes

  • 312g Fabric Protector: Shields fabric and upholstery against spills, stains and various types of soiling
  • 250ml Fabric Cleaner Level 1: Gentle fabric stain remover that eliminates many common household spills, stains and soiling
  • 125ml Fabric Cleaner Level 2: High-strength fabric stain remover that helps eliminate stubborn household spills, stains and soiling
  • Soft applicator cloth
  • For use on all fabric upholstered lounges

Kit Includes

  • 250ml Leather Clean & Renew: A gentle but effective water-based cleaner that removes soil and surface grime to leave leather looking its best. Safely cleans without leaving an oily residue
  • 250ml Leather Protect & Preserve: Creates an invisible shield to protect leather against damaging stains
  • 3 x Leather ink Remover Wipes: Specially treated wipes that erase most ink marks and lipstick stains from finished and bonded leathers
  • Soft applicator cloths / sponges
  • For use on all leather furniture

Kit Includes:

  • 284g Fabric Protector: Creates a barrier that repels stains, mould, mildew and moisture without discolouring fabric
  • 284g Wood Protector: Repels moisture and stains and forms a barrier to protect against mould and mildew, extending the life of outdoor wood furniture
  • 284g Metal Protector: Inhibits rust, corrosion and discolouration for long term protection. Forms an invisible barrier to repel mould and mildew
  • Soft applicator cloth
  • For use on fabric, wood and metal outdoor furniture


What's Covered?

  • Beverages
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Glue/ Super Glue
  • Foods
  • Tar
  • Ink
  • Wax
  • Wax Polish
  • Human bodily fluids
  • Corrosive substances
  • Acids – bleach
  • Caustic solutions
  • Paint
  • Dyes (permanent ink, turmeric)
  • Accidental damage such as burns, rips or tears (subject to terms and conditions)


What's not Covered?

  • Furniture used for commercial or rental purposes
  • Damage that occurs prior to delivery
  • Furniture that has been abused, mishandled or neglected
  • Stains from cleaning methods other than those recommended by the manufacturer
  • Animal damage
  • Stains caused by fire, flood, wind, lightning, sunlight, weather, burst pipes, theft or similar causes
  • Unknown stains
  • Non-colour fast fabrics
  • Normal wear and tear including soiling from perspiration, body or hair oils, mould or mildew, fading or colour loss, or resulting in an odour. 


Remember - the key to effective stain removal is to act quickly.

If you do have an accident and require some advice simply contact the Guardsman-Shield Hotline immediately on 02 8867 3333. They will ensure all stains or marks covered by Guardsman-Shield are removed and, if they can’t be removed, the affected area will be replaced at no cost to you.